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The MISSION of Aristotle Communications is to develop excellence in leadership and communication skills among professionals who aspire to become influencers and decision-makers who choose to lead with integrity. 

If you are looking to move up in your career, we can help.

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Farheen Choudhary

About the Founder

Farheen Choudhary works actively to promote equal gender representation in organizations, at the decision-making levels, through leadership and communication coaching and high-impact workshop series. She strongly believes in the power of integrity-based leadership. Farheen holds an MA in Communication & Information Studies from Rutgers University and serves as part-time adjunct faculty of Public Speaking in the Communication & Journalism Department, at Rider University. She is a community member at her town’s Municipal Alliance, which seeks to promote the wellbeing of local youth and their families. She lives in Princeton, NJ, with her husband, two children, two cats and a dog. She is an avid reader and loves camping and hiking with her family.

Client Profile


Our clients are ambitious. They are professional individuals in the science and technology sector; nonprofits; financial; insurance; and entrepreneurs. They want to stand out in their organizations, they want to have a say, make a difference, and most of them want to move up to the next level in their organizations and careers. They are leaders by position or aspiring leaders, who believe in the importance of integrity in leadership. However, they know that they cannot do it alone - they need a leadership coach to work with them so they can communicate more crisply and lead with integrity more visibly.


"Thanks to Farheen Choudhary for sharing phenomenal advice to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s  Emerging Leaders’ group on overcoming fears with public speaking. It was an outstanding presentation! We are committed to developing our staff and public speaking is one area that many fear."

Vanessa Nazario, Director Diversity and Inclusion, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

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